Edinger Surgical Options created the RECOVERY STAY™ program to provide round-the-clock care after orthopedic surgery. During the days of RECOVERY STAY™ the patient benefits from the consistent, professional care of experienced nurses, and takes part in sessions with the certified physical rehabilitation therapists of Madison Canine Rehab & Acupuncture .

“With enhanced care and rehabilitation services we make sure the patient is on the right track toward getting better,” says Dr. Edinger.

RECOVERY STAY™ allows you to carry on with your day-to-day obligations while knowing your family member is receiving the best of assisted healing care. Our comfortable facilities are designed without stairs or furnishings that might endanger recovering muscles and joints, while still offering freedom of movement. You are welcome to schedule visits and will receive daily updates from our RECOVERY STAY™ team.

This RECOVERY STAY™ program helps reduce recovery and healing time and improves outcomes. Our enhanced after-care services include muscle and joint rehabilitation with experts, icing and massage, frequent harness-assisted walks and comfortable living quarters. Our RECOVERY STAY™ nursing team is in action 24 hours every day, connecting with patients, making sure they are comfortable and have the best opportunity for an optimum recovery.

We offer this care in single- to multi-day packages and will help you determine a suitable option.