Lily came to see Dr. Edinger in July of 2017 for anal gland problems she had been living with for three years. Neither dietary changes nor medications improved her body’s ability to express the glands naturally, on her own. Her discomfort and her efforts to relieve it by scooting across the floor could only be relieved by manual expression. Her family had to make a dedicated effort for this procedure every two weeks – any longer between expressions and her discomfort, as well as her efforts to relieve this discomfort, increased. Lily was fortunate to not have had an anal gland rupture during the time her family was managing the problem.

Having previously seen Dr. Edinger for surgery in 2014 for a left TPLO/MPL correction, and then in 2016 for a right TPLO/MPL correction, Lily was familiar with our healing facility and our nursing team. After a thorough exam and discussions with our team regarding the risks and benefits of surgery, Lily’s family decided to have both of Lily’s anal glands removed.

Two weeks after Lily’s evaluation and diagnosis, she was back at Edinger Surgical Options to undergo a bilateral analsacculectomy. Lily did well under anesthesia and surgery went very smoothly. Lily was able to return home to her family the day of surgery, and three weeks after, she was back to normal function and activity at home! Her incisions had healed and her discomfort and scooting behavior had ceased.

“When it came time for Miss Lily to have her anal glands removed, there was no question that I wanted Dr. Edinger to perform the procedure. She had 2 previous surgeries (TPLO and MPL) with Dr. Edinger and I knew what exceptional care Lily would receive once again. After 2+ years of bi-monthly anal gland expressions, it was time to free her of this. I am so glad that I made the decision to have them removed. She recovered quickly and it was such a relief to me knowing that I no longer have to put her through the manual expressions. Dr. Edinger is always so patient and answered all of my questions. I have complete trust in his knowledge and skills. He is genuine and compassionate. It is easy to see how much he truly cares for animals. The entire staff made me feel so comfortable.”

~ Tammy Grace (Lily’s Mom)

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