Promoting a healthy environment for animals and humans is our commitment to you. Some environmentally friendly building strategies that our hospital and grounds offer include:

Sensible heating & cooling

HVAC units are located above the drop ceiling and distributed throughout the building, allowing for zone-specific heating and cooling to maximize comfort and efficiency.


Southern exposure and a four-square building layout allows for daylight in many rooms, including the treatment room, basement and conference room. Windows are shaded by metal slats to let in diffused light.

Fresh air and light where needed

Low to no-VOC flooring, paints, adhesives, and cleaning materials allow staff, visitors and patients to enjoy breathing fresh air. Fluorescent and compact task lighting and light timers provide lighting where and when needed.

Recycled materials

Recycled building materials were used when possible, and these materials can be recycled and used again.

Infiltration and habitat

Our grounds include bioretention basins and native plant communities to collect and infiltrate stormwater runoff. Plantings and pathways provide all-season interest and bird and butterfly habitat.


Edinger Surgical Options maintains membership with the ENERGY STAR® Small Business Network. Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to learn ways you can practice energy conservation at home and at work.